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Window Treatment FAQ

Window Treatment FAQ

Window Treatment FAQ

Gainesville: 352-378-3646

Lake City: 386-758-5526

Window Treatment FAQ – Gotcha Covered Window Treatments. If you have questions, we have answers. We have answered some of the most common questions related to window treatments. Do you have a question that is not listed? If so please call us, we would be happy to answer any questions you have about; window blinds, window shades, window shutters or other related topics.

What does inside mount or outside mount mean?

Inside mount or inside bracket (IB) means that the blind will mount inside the window frame; also in most cases be flush with the wall. The outside mount or outside bracket (OB), blinds will be mounted on the wall; and therefore cover the window and the frame when measured for properly. In addition, you will find this in the Measuring Guide of our website or on the order pages.

What does 2 on a head rail mean?

This feature is recommended only for wide windows. When a window exceeds a certain width; the blind should be split into two independent blinds that share the same top or head rail. Also, sometimes you can purchase two single blinds that will serve the same purpose.

Do your blinds come with a decorative valance?

Yes, a decorative valance is usually included free of charge with each blind; although the valance for certain blinds and shades do have a small upcharge. Also, for outside mount blinds, your valence will have side returns as well.

Do the colors of the swatches represent an exact match to the real thing?

While we strive to have all of your interests pictured and placed at your fingertips; the color swatches on your computer screen may not represent the true color of the material. Please order your free sample swatches; so you can see the exact texture and finish of the item that you will be ordering. This way you will be able to make a more informed decision on the color that best fits your home decorating needs.

What type of frames will arrive with my shutters?

This depends on if you are ordering inside or outside mount and the type of frame that you have selected. Also, if you visit the shutters section of the website you will find this information available to you. In addition, please contact us directly if you have any specific questions regarding this.

What type of Materials are my goods made of?

In general, if you visit each of the specific products homepages you will find under the specifications area; the full list of details. Here you will find all the information you require to understand what type of product you are purchasing. Please contact us at any time; to talk with our one of our staff about any questions you cannot find answers for on the website.

Do you have representatives for installation & Consultation?

Yes, we provide help in answering all questions related to installation and understanding how to order window treatments. Please contact our CS reps and get the support that you need today.

Do you have a Showroom?

Yes, we have a mobile showroom and we bring the showroom to you. Also, we offer free samples and any product information upon request. Please let us know what you are interested in and we’ll get this out to you immediately.

Will this material fade or warp?

Our products are the highest quality available in the market. But, just like anything else in the nature window treatments get wear and tear. Therefore, we offer a lifetime limited warranty on our products which should put your mind at ease.


Window Treatment FAQ

Gainesville: 352-378-3646

Lake City: 386-758-5526

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